Our office provides various types of notary services in various languages including: Turkish, French, Spanish, English and Hebrew.

Adv. Sami De-Kalo has been a notary since 1991 and Adv. Ofer De-Kalo has been a notary since 2014.

We provide the following notarial services:

  1. Authentication of signature on a document.
  2. Authorisation that someone who signs a document, on behalf of another, was authorised to do so.
  3. Authorisation regarding correctness of a copy of a document.
  4. Authorisation regarding accuracy of the translation of a document.
  5. Acceptance and approval of affidavit and other statements.
  6. Authorisation that a person is alive.
  7. Authorisation regarding correctness of an inventory.
  8. Editing testimony of tradable document.
  9. Editing a document and/or carrying-out other required actions, while edition or performance of the act by a notary is required or permitted by law, including a foreign country, or under any other document.
  10. Usage of the authority of a public notary by other law.
  11. Verification of prenuptial property agreement signed before marriage.

The notary’s fee is determined according to the Notaries Regulations, Wage Services Act 1978. For your convenience, here is a link to the website of the Ministry of Justice, which indicates the current rates: Click here to enter the website.

De-Kalo Law firm works in collaboration with professional legal translators and interpreters and provides professional and efficient notary services.