Real-Estate, Property, Taxation, Planning and Construction

  • Representation of clients in all types of real-estate transactions from the stage of negotiations, sales agreements, combination agreements, rental and leasing agreements, and actual registration of rights at the Land-Registry, the Israel Lands Administration, mortgage companies, etc.
  • Representation of contractors, developers and land-owners. Regular business guidance and support in establishment of estate projects, from planning to completion.
  • Representation of & consultation with sellers and purchasers of flats, homes, plots, industrial buildings, agricultural land, and other types of real estate.
    Registration of condominiums, registration of rights, ownership and rights of usage, reparcellation of lands, partnership, management and maintenance agreements in real-estate.
  • Representation of acquisition groups and real-estate associations.
  • Representation & supervision of transactions which exercise National Master Plan No. 38.
    The firm represents its clients, from both from the private and business sector, before tax authorities (capital gains tax, purchase tax, property tax, etc.), local authorities (added value tax, development fees and levies, building permits, land expropriations, confiscations and compensations), planning and building committees, engineering administrations, appeals committees and other various instances in real estate matters.
  • Initiation and representation of urban construction plans and increasing the building rights.
  • Litigation in real estate, including claims concerning reparcellation matters, construction defects, hand removal, enforcement of agreements, registration rights and other financial claims.

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Inheritance, Matrimonial & Family

  • Wills, prenuptial property agreements signed before and after marriage, divorce agreements and reconciliations
  • Legal services regarding inheritance claims, wills and bequest.
  • Submitting claims to the family court and the rabbinical court, concerning inheritance orders probate decree, child support, paternity, child custody, property claims and more.

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Commercial-Civil Law

  • The firm offers legal and commercial advice, including guidance during negotiations, drafting agreements and editing of contracts. Other legal services include establishment of companies, registration of the formation of companies, partnerships and associations.
  • The firm represents its clients, commercial and private, in various courts and tribunals, including appeals and arbitration.

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Financial Claims and Execution

  • De-Kalo Law firm handles financial claims at the various court tribunals and submitting of verdicts, bills and checks to the execution chamber for debt collection.

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